Florida Leads on General Government

Florida has been able to efficiently manage state operations, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety measures are critically important and investments to ensure safe and accessible working environments are a top priority. Governor DeSantis is committed to modernizing Florida’s business operations, which include automation, reduced wait times and cyber threat mitigation.

Maintaining and Improving the Florida Facilities Pool

It is essential that the State of Florida provides safe and efficient working environments at state owned buildings. The budget invests more than $192 million in the Florida Facilities Pool which will improve life safety issues, address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and address needed building updates. This investment includes $172 million in new bonding authority, achieving over $55 million in General Revenue savings, to improve accessibility and efficiencies at the Capitol Complex as well as a new State Emergency Operations Center which will better serve the duties and responsibilities of the State Emergency Response Team.

Modernizing Florida’s Business Processes

The budget invests $5 million in the Department of Management Service’s Florida Digital Service to automate state functions through Robotic Process Automation which will reduce processing and wait times for claims and application review for services that many Floridians depend on.

Safeguarding Florida against Cybersecurity Threats

The budget invests $39.3 million in various state agencies to enhance information technology security measures and controls to help protect Florida against the ongoing and evolving nature of cyber threats that can compromise critical state resources and sensitive information.